A cinematic interpretation of the world's largest round table gathering.

PROBLEMA is a documentary essay directed by Ralf Schmerberg and produced by Mindpirates. It is one of the outcomes of the ambitious large-scale research project and Internet platform dropping knowledge. The project culminated in a final round table at the historic Bebelplatz in Berlin: 112 international cultural experts from different fields – the world’s brightest minds – sat down together at THE TABLE OF FREE VOICES – the largest round table in the world – and answered fundamental questions that concern us all. Academics, politicians, scientists, artists, believers, intellectuals from more than fifty nations took part in a captivating dialogue on current global dilemmas, a discussion on an unprecedented scale moderated by Nigerian human rights activist Hafsat Abiola and actor Willem Dafoe. Other prominent free voices were Bianca Jagger, Wim Wenders, Constantin von Barloewen, Yang Shaobin, Cornel West and many more.

PROBLEMA asks pressing questions on religion and technology, poverty and wealth, war and peace such as: How do we perceive our environment? What relationship does the individual have to the group? What does it mean to be a human in the 21st century? The thoughts of the intellectuals participating in this are juxtaposed with a montage of archival footage that puts into context our current and historical crises. The film challenges the viewer to take a stance towards global dilemmas and to get involved with the intercultural community.

A not-for-profit production, PROBLEMA is freely available to watch and to download via: problema-thefilm.org